Travel Reward Credit Cards for Portland

Air travel from Portland is growing: Compared to Q1 2013, on an average around 22562 passengers travelled in or from Portland in Q2 2013, an increase of 23.51% in passenger volume.

Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, US Airways are the leading airlines from Portland to various destinations. In terms of air fare Reno is the most economical destination from Portland with an average one way fare of $124. On the other hand, Atlanta is the most expensive travel destination with an average one way fare of $346. Austin is the median priced travel destination with an average one way air fare of $223.

For frequent travelers in Portland travel reward cards are very advantageous as these can be used to redeem travel rewards for free trips apart from other benefits.
City NameDistance (Mi)Average Air Fare ($)Travel Rewards Earned Using the Best Travel Card for Existing UserNumber of Times You nedd to Travel to Redeem Complete Free Trip Between This Two CitiesTravel Rewards Earned Using the Best Travel card Introductory OffersNumber of Times You need to Travel to Redeem Complete Free Trip Between This Two Cities
Reno, NV44412424751222169
Boise, ID34412625260220098
Spokane, WA27913126158220878
Sacramento, CA47913226358220978
Seattle, WA12913226457221098
Las Vegas, NV76314128154222468
San Francisco, CA (Metro Area)56915130159221057
San Diego, CA93315330558221307
Los Angeles, CA (Metro Area)85915731456221967
Salt Lake City, UT63016833553220056
Denver, CO99118136156221656
Albuquerque, NM111119238353222956
Palm Springs, CA87319939751223786
Phoenix, AZ102820440756220345
Kansas City, MO148221743452221705
Austin, TX171522344551222225
Dallas, TX162625350655420234
Orlando, FL253426953752421484
St. Louis, MO170827254351421724
Boston, MA (Metro Area)253727855555422204
Philadelphia, PA240628156254422484
Indianapolis, IN187728256454422534
Chicago, IL175128857653423034
Washington, DC (Metro Area)235829358652423434
Houston, TX184329458852423524
Miami, FL (Metro Area)270030060051423974
Charlotte, NC228230260454424154
Minneapolis, MN142630560954424334
Detroit, MI195331262453424944
New York City, NY (Metro Area)248231362553424974
Atlanta, GA (Metro Area)217234669251420743